Airlift's Campus Ambassador Program

The program is intended to impart skills and on-the-ground hands-on learning experiences that we wish we would have had access to when we were at the undergraduate level.


The vision behind the Campus Ambassador Program is to source and identify talented individuals that can drive Airlift’s customer acquisition efforts in different cities and be considered for full-time employment opportunities at graduation.

Phases Of CAP

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1 Month

Guerilla Marketing
and Financial Modeling

1 Month

Outdoor Advertising and
Channel Optimization

1 Month

Learning to Lead


The CAP Follows a "Qualification Model”

Successful Ambassadors move onto the next phase whereby those that are consistently behind daily goals end up not qualifying for the next stage.


Incentives kick in only if the goal is achieved for the overall period. Ambassadors that achieve goals in the first phase will qualify for the next phase whereas those that fall behind by more than 30 percent will not continue in the program.


All participants selected in the program will be offered a Rs. 20,000 sign-on bonus when they complete 20% of their target values for Phase 1.